Sunday, June 11, 2000

Best Soccer Blog

You’ve been reading countless soccer blogs on the information superhighway, but which is the one you click to first when you get in to the office in the morning? For this brand new award, we’re giving you the chance to tell us which blog is the best of the best.

The DCenters
Stating it’s an “absurdly unofficial D.C. United blog,” the truth is there’s nothing absurd about what you can find here. Duly covering all things United, DCenters was nominated as “the best team blog out there.”

The daily one-stop shop for all your soccer information, duNord provides a valuable service for all us lazy folks. Nominated by one fan as “my soccer savior.”

The “wisdom of Ray Hudson” might be debated, but the entertainment value of this blog site can not. Inspired by the awesome enthusiasm Hudson brings to the game and his quest to 'invent a new language in English, this blog lets you hear exactly what they mean.

MNT Blog
You can get information about the U.S. Men’s National Team from other blogs, but’s MNT Blog is the only place to get behind-the-scenes information written from those on the inside.

Soccer by Ives
Ives Galarcep says his blog spans “the world of soccer with a Jersey flavor.” It’s true, as he talks about leagues in almost every continent. And who would have guessed a Jersey guy would be so helpful answering every single question sent his way?

Soccer Insider
One of the most respected soccer writers in the nation, Steven Goff’s blog naturally has a big following. After Goff provides tidbits on everything from his local D.C. United, national teams and leagues from around the world, the open discussions are always a hit with fans.
While most of the blog sites are filled with quick hit entries, Adam Spangler’s TIAS blog tends to probe a bit deeper to take closer look at everything going on with soccer in the United States. For that, fans are thankful and nominated TIAS as one of the best.
The author of Throughball says his blog is “written with unabashed favoritism for the Minnesota Thunder, the U.S. Men’s National Team and the English Premier League.” But, as you can find out, Throughball provides much, much more.

U.S. Soccer Global
The newest blog on, U.S. Soccer Global provides fans with instant updates of any highlights put up by Americans playing across the globe. A daily stop to see who's doing what, from Europe to Mexico.

WNT Blog
During the World Cup, the WNT Blog was THE spot to find out what was going on with the team half a world away. When the WNT are back on the field in January, check out the blog to get the information you can’t find anywhere else.